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Vehicles are not only an investment and asset, but they do also add value to a company in the image that the business projects as its brand. Vehicles also impact productivity by getting employees from one destination to the other in a short period of time when they operate efficiently and safely.
Vehicle care must be a planned for exercise to ensure they are safe, road worthy and to increase their longevity. A dirty company car not only sends a message of a lack of vehicle care ( and possibly the culture of the business) but also reduces employee morale.

We offer a turnkey service for all your HME equipment. How do we do this you may ask?
By offering a complete range of services from hot water high pressure cleaning to sandblasting and painting to maintenance works (arranged through our trusted maintenance partners). All our services can be completed on our property, or we can deploy to any site with our mobile truck that is fitted with x2 Hot water high pressure blasters and Sandblasting kit which is operated by two technicians to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
How does it work? If you make us your business partner and add our services to your planned maintenance, we promise to take away the hustle of cleaning to maintenance.




Sandblasting is a modern technology which requires the use of specialised equipment, blasting a water mixture with fine sand under high pressure. The water and sand stream removes contaminations, corrosion and old coatings from the surface – this way they can be cleaned and prepared for other activities, such as powder coating or application of protective coating.
At Gold Touch Group we use Wet Blasting. Tthe advantages of wet blasting over dry blasting are:

At Gold Touch Group as part of our commitment to our clients. We are now offering Mobile Heavy Diesel mechanics, Mechanical Fitters and Auto Electricians.
  • All our maintenance team have vast experience in their trade and have relevant trade certificates
  • Can be deployed to any site.
  • Fully ensured
  • 100% workmanship guarantee


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