Mobile Sand blasting

Sandblasting is a modern technology which requires the use of specialised equipment, blasting a water mixture with fine sand under high pressure. The water and sand stream removes contaminations, corrosion and old coatings from the surface – this way they can be cleaned and prepared for other activities, such as powder coating or application of protective coating.

At Gold Touch Group we use Wet Blasting. Below are the advantages of wet blasting over dry blasting;

Dust Reduction

Due to the use of water, wet blasting reduces the amount of dust produced by the abrasive blasting process. It is they key advantage of wet blasting. It protects the operative, adjacent working parties and any dust sensitive plant from fine, abrasive, airborne particulates and is particularly advantageous in open environments.

Hydrostatic Forces

The presence of water means that there is more mass at the point of impact. This means that you may require less abrasive. These forces also provide a suitable, feathered edge where if the new coating is to interface with a sound, existing coating.


With some types of wet blasting, you can strip the surface and clean it at the same time. This negates the need for a separate rinsing process to remove media fragments and soluble salts.

No Static Charges

Abrasive blasting can cause sparking, which can cause explosions / fires where flammable gasses / materials are present. Wet blasting does not completely remove sparks, but does create ‘cold’ sparks, essentially removing the static and thus reducing the risk of explosion.