Light Vehicle

Vehicles are not only an investment and asset, but they do also add value to a company in the image that the business projects as its brand. Vehicles also impact productivity by getting employees from one destination to the other in a short period of time when they operate efficiently and safely

Vehicle care must be a planned for exercise to ensure they are safe, road worthy and to increase their longevity.

A dirty company car not only sends a message of a lack of vehicle care ( and possibly the culture of the business) but also reduces employee morale.

An unclean vehicle interior can be a major safety problem i.e.,

Reduced braking ability, which means longer stopping distances

ABS and ESP lose their efficiency

Increased risk of skidding on wet roads

Aquaplaning occurs at lower speeds

Less control in windy conditions or when caught in a crosswind

Increased driver tiredness

Increased wear and tear of tyres and other suspension parts

That is why at Gold Touch Group we have introduced a periodic cleaning service to help you stay on top of your vehicle care and to maximize the value of your assets when you sell or trade up.