With prolonged exposures to the sun and red dust, vehicles quickly deteriorate in market value but also in performance.

The sun causes the paint to fade and rubbers and vinyl become hard and bristle and begin to crack. The red dirt can cause permanent staining on the rubbers and vinyl and clog up air filters. This may result in having frequent runny nose as the air coming through the vehicle is full of dust.

But not to worry Gold Touch Group has specially tailored packages to cater for individuals, businesses, and corporations.


Wash & Vaccum

For vehicles that have recently been detailed or near new and just need an up-keep.

What is included in this Package?
• Outside wash and tires
• Interior vacuumed and surfaces wiped
• Windows cleaned
• Interior deodorized

We also do periodic cleaning on arrangement


A package perfectly put for cars that are not heavily soiled but do need a good dose of TLC.

• Seats, floors, and boot is vacuumed
• interior panels wiped and crevices air blown
• Light shampoo on seats and roof lining
• inside and outside windows and mirrors cleaned
• paintwork is hand polished
• interior is deodorized

*Extra charge for pet hair and extensive stains


This is for heavily soiled vehicles that have not had a clean in a long time and need extensive cleaning.

What is included in this package?
• Air-blow the vents and groves
• vacuum floors and floor mats, and boot.
• Shampoo All fabrics including floors and roof lining.
• Recondition leather and vinyls
• Headlight restoration
• Underbody wash
• Cut and Polish.
*The vehicle may need to be stripped to archive the extensive finish


Our diverse business operations cover: Labour hire (including outsourcing international
workers); Security; Commercial cleaning; Machine cleaning and Vehicle detailing.

When it comes to Mining equipment wash down and vehicle detailing, we understand that our clients only want the best and good value for money.

With years of experience under our belt working on machines and vehicles of different requirements and sizes.

Gold Touch Group provides an unbeatable result on every clean, leaving you our partners with a great business experience.